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About Moshe Strugano

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In 1996, Moshe Strugano graduated from law school in London , the time spent outside his home country, made him more prepared to work with overseas companies, giving him the opportunity to create  a great network and meet different and diversified people.

During the university he started a call service company to give consulting about investments on the London stock market, as a businessman Strugano has a long history of entrepreneurship. He also had an opportunity to experience an internship period in a company who deals with offshore and onshore strategy. Giving him the unique experience of understand the market and its logic working with this on a daily basis.

After the degree he worked for a short time for JP Morgan what made him grow as a lawyer in an environment of professionalism and commitment to achieve the most cost effective deal for the client.

Such a huge firm as JP Morgan gave him the experience of working on something bigger, thus learning the importance of teamwork and how small tasks make a difference in the excellence of the final work.

Strugano worked during a long time to a private investment company, which handed him an opportunity to live and work with several governments, and negotiate with different administrations. He was granted a government license to negotiate military defense products and cyber security, making him a distinguished businessman.

The experience of living in different places and outside a comfort zone has provided a unique cultural diversity, which allows him to understand different forms of work and administration. The learning generated in this coexistence was a comprehensive understanding of customs and respect for diversity.

He is also committed to help others and to do his part for the environment, getting involved with various volunteer works and charitable institutions. Part of his commitment as a human being includes caring about the society that we live, and trying to make it a better place for future generations.

Moshe Strugano has always been a leader and a proactive man, so in 2008 he opened his own law firm and started to assist clients all over the world. Moshe Strugano & CO is an international law firm, specialized in registering and establishing companies around the world, and provides a multitude of legal, financial and business-related services pertinent both to the early establishment process, as well as the company's regular course.

With the acquired experience as a good businessman for several years, currently Moshe Strugano in addition to has his own law firm, he has become an important investor, engaged with the real estate and financial business world in many places worldwide.   

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